Internships in Argentina and Chile

Intern in Latin America
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NOTE: The Southern Cone Internships of  Latin Immersion are not affiliated with the State University of New York's Latin American Southern Cone Programs.
Today's increasingly competitive job market demands that you not only possess high academic credentials, but that you also must have prior work experience.  Students without such experience, normally acquired through student internships, often face severe handicaps in the job-hunting process.

Southern Cone Internships gives students the opportunity for professional work experience in Buenos Aires, Argentina or Santiago, Chile.  By interning in Latin America, not only will you learn the invaluable Spanish language, but you will also be able to live in the "Southern Cone", Latin America's most economically and socially developed region.


Accepted students:

Note:  All internships are unpaid positions.


To participate in Southern Cone Internships, you must meet the following requirements:

Academic Credit

Please see your career office for intern credit requirements at your school.  You will often be able to receive credits for both your Spanish course AND your internship.  Upon completion of the program, we will send your institution:

  • Work Evaluation Report.
  • Certificate of Spanish Course Completion by LILN.
  • Transcript of Spanish Courses.
  • Letter of recommendation from your intern supervisor, in original Spanish and translated to English.
  • email:

    Latin Immersion - Roman Diaz 297 - Providencia, Santiago - Chile